Soft Starters and Motor Starters

Soft Starters and Motor Starters

Whether for communication-capable motor starters or simple load feeders – the starting possibilities provided by the SIRIUS system are extremely diverse. With switching devices and protection equipment and with a broad range of accessories, we have a diverse array of extremely simple and practical starter solutions. Irrespective of whether motor starter solutions are centralised or distributed.

hybrid motor starters

Hybrid Starters

The broad range of starting motors for control cabinet applications and in high degrees of protection for applications in the field.

high feature softstarter

High Feature Soft Starters

Thanks to its maximum functionality, the intelligent SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starter masters difficult startup and stopping processes in a soft manner.

Siemens basic performance soft starters

Standard Feature Soft Starters

Thanks to their compact design, Siemens offer a range of standard feature soft starters that form the ideal starter solution for standard applications.

motor management relays

Manual Motor Starters

The devices are electrical and mechanically connected using preassembled assembly kits (link modules, wiring kits and standard mounting rail or busbar adapters).