Wiring and control

Wiring and Control

The rapidly evolving technology advancements in industry has seen the complexity of project requirements also increase due to the emergence of new markets. Connectivity is central to overcoming these challenges, and our world-class range of wiring and control solutions ensures you’ll stay connected. Drawing on world-class manufacturers, APS industrial is able to offer customers a ready-made connection for everything between the control and sensor actuator levels.



APS Industrial are proud to bring the full range of Weidmüller connectivity products and solutions that increase your efficiency and the solutions create added value in planning, installing and operating.

field automation and control wc

Field Automation and Control

The job of field automation and control is to transmit, convert, protect and supply and we put together practical solutions for these functions – for maximum safety and efficiency.



The best way to achieve a perfect result is with products and tools from the same source, designed to work together – and the extensive range of Weidmüller tools from APS Industrial offer just that.

Honeywell scanning and productivity

Scanning and Productivity

Honeywell Scanning and Productivity Solutions provide comprehensive solutions that improve enterprise performance and enable greater product design innovation.

honeywell process control wc

Process Control

Honeywell transforms process control beyond traditional Distributed Control System (DCS) functionality by unifying assets, processes and people to improve business agility – browse the range below.

switches and sensors wc

Switches and Sensors

Our extensive range of switches and sensors from leading global manufacturers fill many roles in customers’ applications including presence/absence/positioning, inspection/recognition and condition measurement.

ramtight wc

Flexible Conduit and Fittings

Ramtight flexible steel conduit from APS Industrial has been designed and manufactured to the highest standard ISO 9001:2008 and complies with AS/NZS 2053.8.

wc identification products

Identification Products

APS Industrial offers a wide range of identification products for the identification of many different components, including wires, pipes, hoses and much more.

Encoders, Sensors and Process Technology

Including top of the range products for process and automation, provided by world leaders Baumer.