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APS and Weidmüller National Distribution Partnership

APS are the only National Distributors of Weidmüller products and solutions in Australia with exclusive local access, stockholdings and technical support of the extensive range

Core Portfolio - Industrial Connectivity

Weidmüller – Industrial Connectivity Core Portfolio

This catalogue provides technical information and ordering details for the core portfolio of industrial connectivity.

Weidmuller Modular Terminal Blocks

Weidmüller – Modular Terminal Blocks

Extra efficiency in planning, installation and operation, Weidmuller modular terminal blocks provide you with added value at all stages.

Weidmuller Heavy Duty Connectors

Weidmüller – Heavy Duty Connectors

Heavy-duty connectors are used wherever there is a need for a secure, simple and time-saving assembly of machinery and facilities.

Weidmuller Surge Protection

Weidmüller – Surge Protection Devices

Extended family of surge arresters for various types of power distribution systems, electronic equipment and measurement, control and signalling.

Weidmuller Industrial Ethernet

Weidmüller – Industrial Ethernet

The communication between components in the automation technology is increasingly realised with Industrial Ethernet.

Weidmuller Tools

Weidmüller –

Weidmüller have been developing and manufacturing quality tools, to meet the most stringent requirements, for over 30 years.

Weidmuller Markers and printers

Weidmüller – Markers, Printers, Software

The complete Weidmüller industrial marking product range from marking, printing and software can be found in this catalogue.

Weidmuller PCB Terminal Blocks

Weidmüller – PCB Terminal Blocks

As a pioneering and leading provider of device connectivity and housings, Weidmüller offer an extensive range of PCB terminals and connectors.

Weidmuller Signal Converters

Weidmüller – Signal Converters, Trip Amplifiers, Process Meters

Weidmüller’s range of switching amplifiers makes it a powerful partner in light of the increasing use of automation.

Weidmuller PLC Interface Units

Weidmüller – PLC Interface Units, Front Adapters and Prefab Cables

Units not only ensure flawless connections but also increase efficiency and reduce likelihood of failures.

Weidmuller Switched Mode

Weidmüller – Switched-mode/uninterruptible power supplies and electronic fuses

Individual families of switched-mode power supply units to deliver a customised power supply solution.

Weidmuller Relay Modules

Weidmüller – Relay Modules and Solid
State Relays

Weidmüller relay modules and solid-state relays from APS Industrial are noted for their reliability and durability – browse the complete range here.

Weidmüller –
Remote IO

With the most innovative I/O system on the market, Weidmuller Remote IO allows you to plan your panels to be a whole size smaller.

Weidmuller Multimark

Weidmüller – MultiMark Marking System

MultiMark perfectly meets modern requirements in conjunction with tailored software and particularly efficient printer technology.

Weidmuller DRI

Weidmüller – Compact DRI Relays

As the handling of components in practice plays an increasingly important role, DRI relays have particularly robust plug-in pins for quick and safe mounting.

Weidmuller MaxGuard

Weidmüller – maxGUARD Electronic Load Monitoring

Combining load monitoring and potential distribution to take control voltage distribution to a new level.

Weidmuller LED

Weidmüller – LED Lighting Solutions for Caves

Weidmuller have been providing custom LED lighting solutions for Show Caves since 2004 and the following showcases some of the highlights.

Grace Engineered Brochure

Grace – Voltage Indicators

These quality voltage indicators, test points and combination PESDs promote a safe work environment, enhance compliance and save lives and money.

Ramtight – Flexible Conduit and Fittings

Ramtight flexible steel conduit has been designed and manufactured to the highest standard ISO 9001:2008 and complies with AS/NZS 2053.8.

Partex Product Overview

Partex  develop and manufacture products for the identification of wires, cables, pipes and components.