Enclosures Catalogues & Brochures

Rittal Industrial Enclosure Solutions

Handy price reference tool for core Rittal products from APS Industrial.

APS and Rittal National Distribution Partnership

APS are National Distributors of Rittal products and solutions in Australia and provide exclusive local access to the  range.

Rittal TS 8 Enclosures

Rittal – TS 8 Enclosure System

Ingeniously simple, fully symmetrical, and patented worldwide –  this is the basis for the TS 8 bayed enclosure system.

Rittal AE Enclosures

Rittal – AE Series Enclosures

The compact enclosure AE has incredible success globally, with more than 25 million units already in use.

Rittal Industrial Enclosure Solutions

Rittal – Industrial Enclosure Solutions

“Rittal – The System.”, with its system compatibility, ensures fast planning, assembly, conversion and commissioning.

Rittal eplus principle

Rittal – Blue e+ cooling units

The Blue e+ cooling unit series offer the ultimate in efficiency, versatility, safety and user-friendliness worldwide.

Rittal Climate Control

Rittal – Climate Control Quick Reference Guide

Your convenient and quick selection guide that details the extensive range of Rittal climate control solutions and how to find the right one for your application..

Rittal Ri4Power

Rittal – Technical System Catalogue: Ri4Power S

The flexible combination of Rittal Ri4Power field types supports optimum configuration for a wide range of applications.

Rittal – VX base/plinth system

The base/plinth system VX suits almost any enclosure application, combining the best of all existing Rittal base/plinth functions.

Rittal TS 8 Baying Systems

Rittal – Technical System Catalogue: TS 8 Baying Systems

The TS 8 enclosure system from Rittal has established a new universal standard, raising the bar across all sectors.

Rittal LED Lighting

Rittal – LED System Light

The most innovative lighting technology, tailored to Rittal enclosures, the new LED system light sets brand new standards in all areas.

APS DB Ultimate Brochure

Purpose-built for Siemens circuit breakers and featuring an enclosure by the world’s leading supplier of innovative enclosure technology, Rittal.