Plant availability means maximum productivity in your factory and when it comes to plant availability, a key contributing factor is your energy supply. The Siemens SIRIUS 3RV29 infeed system from APS Industrial is the convenient solution for infeed and distribution whenever you need to reliably supply a number of motor starter protectors or complete load feeders with power.

The 3RV29 infeed system is based on a basic module complete with a lateral incoming supply unit (three-phase busbar with infeed). Expansion modules (three-phase busbars for system expansion) are also available for extending the system and the individual modules are connected via an expansion plug.

Easy installation
Due to plug-in connections the infeed systems can be quickly mounted without errors and practically without the use of tools.

Seamless interaction
As part of the SIRIUS modular system, the SIRIUS infeed systems fit seamlessly with all other components.

Perfect engineering
Correct and comprehensive article data, circuit diagram symbols or 3D models are available in digital form and can be retrieved around the clock using the CAx download manager so that your electrical engineering is precise and free of errors.

Replacement during operation
A defective infeed system module can be replaced during operation (but not under load) without the other components having to be disconnected from the power supply.