Siemens sets a new standard in visualisation and sustainability with SIMATIC HMI Unified Basic Panels – now with EcoTech certification!

Siemens EcoTech is an environmental product performance label designed to drive the sustainable transformation of industry and infrastructure. The label gives you transparency on the performance of Siemens’ certified products across environmental relevant criteria, enabling you to make informed choices to support your sustainability goals. One such product that features the EcoTech label is the range of SIMATIC HMI Unified Basic Panels.

The high quality, modern design of the panels feature multi-touch and gesture recognition technology making them ideal for industrial environments. Available in four display sizes from 4″ to 12″, all models have the same performance, the same number of hardware interfaces and the same functionality. Operators should be particularly pleased with the brilliant presentation and readability of the display, courtesy of a glass front with anti-reflective layer, as well as static and dynamic SVG graphics. When you add the zoom and moveable zoom range functionality, as well as two-hand operation and the ability to operate with a glove, the overall usability is comparable to your day to day smart phone!

So how does this range achieve EcoTech certification? Here are a just a few examples.

Sustainable materials (Packaging)

The total weight of the packaging has been reduced by more than 20% compared to the predecessor product. In addition to this, the use of plastic has been reduced by more than 80% by changing the protective insert to fiber casting.

Optimal Operation (Durability / Longevity)

When you choose SIMATIC HMI Unified Basic panels, you are assured of longevity and durability. Product features such as no moving parts, passive cooling and no batteries characterise the low-maintenance product design of these HMI panels. In addition, the panels are tested against a wide range of chemicals & protective film available to further prolong the product life.

Repairability & Upgradability

The meticulous product design supports easy repairability and reliable repair services and supply of spare parts are readily available to keep your HMI operating at optimal performance levels. Functional upgrades can also be achieved through the implementation of firmware updates to the device.

Thanks to Siemens EcoTech, making the sustainable choice is made easier than ever before. And when it comes to your HMI requirements, you need look no further than the range of SIMATIC HMI Unified Basic Panels – bringing together visualisation and sustainability for your machine operators.