Relay modules are universal isolating elements for use in electrical automation, and because of this versatility, there are always different requirements for them and their specific application. When selecting a relay module for your food and beverage application, and indeed all industrial applications, there is an ever-present risk of incorrect dimensioning of the loads or signals to be switched.

In instances of incorrect relay selection, the result can be product malfunction or premature loss of the relay module leading to costly downtime and equipment replacement. With that said, choosing a partner that can help you throughout this process and give you access to a relay range that is globally recognised as a leader in reliability and performance is very important. As the national distribution partner of Weidmüller products and solutions in Australia, APS Industrial is that partner.

For more than 40 years, Weidmüller have specialised in the optimisation of cabinet infrastructures and their complete range of relay modules, solid-state relays and additional value-added services combine the highest standards with ultimate quality. The benefits of choosing Weidmüller from APS Industrial for your relay requirements speak for themselves: less wiring effort, housing optimisation through space saving, optimal marking and cost reductions.

Relay modules from Weidmüller are extremely durable, reliable and available in many different designs. No matter the requirement in your plant or application, Weidmüller have a tailor-made relay solution that promises increased productivity and safety.

Timing Functions
Timing relays are used in automation technology to compensate for errors due to short cycle times.

Special Loads
Relays to switch and monitor special loads, such as inductors and high inrush currents, safely and reliably.

Sensor Isolation
Space-saving and fast switching coupling elements to decouple sensors from the field.

High Switching Frequencies
Specially designed solid-state relays for reliable and fast decoupling of signals up to 550kHz.

Signal Adaption
Adaption of signals and their transmission from other systems to the control cabinet level.

Functional Safety
Specific safety relays required for signals in process safety-related systems.

Power-solid-state contactor up to 75 A and miniature contactors up to 30 A.

When you choose Weidmüller as your preferred relay, you receive the peace of mind that all products are expertly supported by the APS Industrial national customer service and technical support team who are committed to helping you find the right relay. From load consulting and online selection guides, through to our local stocking that enables fast delivery, we guide customers throughout the entire work process – from the planning phase to installation and operation.