The requirements for a suitable industrial PC are as varied as the applications and plant and machine concepts for which they are used.

Moreover, the requirement, applications, and concepts can change over time. That is why the new series of SIMATIC high-end IPCs available from APS Industrial is also designed for maximum flexibility – for high individuality, scalability, and expandability.

This is already evidenced in selection of the device type: whether installed in the control room, the control cabinet, or directly at the machine – the new series provides you with the right device for every application. You can choose between a rack, box, and panel PC. They can be individually configured thanks to numerous interfaces and slots and expanded as required. For example, multi-monitoring with up to six monitors is possible with an additional PCIe graphics board.

Moreover, the new devices with their further developed housing concept are inter-mountable with their predecessor versions. This enables simple integration into existing machine concepts and use in existing plants without extra effort.

The Siemens SIMATIC IPC range has also received a Red Dot Design Award – a respected award established internationally as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design.

“This industrial PC is structured by vertical lines, engendering order and clarity. Thanks to the low depth of the housing, it is also extremely space-saving” – statement by the Jury of the award.