In the world of enterprise networks, times are changing. Data rates continue to climb and more devices than ever are connected to LANs. What began as a single network to support voice and data has expanded into a network that still supports these systems, but also wireless access points, access control systems, video surveillance, digital signage, LED lighting, nurse call systems and much more.

When it comes to Australian industry, applications once considered ‘emerging’ are now becoming commonplace. These kinds of applications demand higher performance, more bandwidth, faster speeds, and low latency. For these reasons, industry standards that previously recommended Category 6A cabling only for data centres now recommend it for most LAN installations as well.

When selecting the right CAT 6A cable for your next project, it’s important to partner with a supplier that offers the following features:

– Lighter Weight and Smaller Diameter
– Smaller Bend Radius
– Power Delivery without Heat Build-up
– Full 100 m Channel Length
– LP Certification

As the national distributor for Belden cable and connectivity solutions in Australia, APS Industrial are proud to be able to fully service local industry with a market leading portfolio of Category 6A cabling solutions.

From Belden’s top-of-line 4800 series with exceptional signal power and signal-to-noise performance, through to their competitive 3600 series with mid-range performance and 2400 Standards Compliant Plus system cable, APS are your one-stop-shop for all of your CAT 6 cabling needs.

The complete range of Belden Category 6 cabling feature larger copper, Central X or Tape Fillers and are produced with Belden’s renowned superior quality. The availability of Bonded-Pair technology is an added option which promises peace of mind by making your installation as robust as possible.