For over 40 years, Weidmüller has been developing and manufacturing the highest quality tools to meet the most stringent requirements. When Weidmüller develop new solutions, they always have the same goal in mind: to make your job easier, optimise processes, and help protect the long-term productivity of your business.

Test, Refine, and Test Again – all tools are put through functional and quality testing procedures that guarantee lasting quality, even after many years of daily use.

Don’t let your reputation be tarnished by using lesser quality tools – the finished product is often only as good as the tool used to complete it. That is why at Weidmüller, everything works in harmony, with the right tool for every requirement.

Cutting – Professional cutting tools make your work easier. The cutting blades have been engineered to precisely cut at the correct angles with minimum operator force.

Stripping – Wire and sheathing strippers for high-quality work over a long lifetime. Accuracy and repetition are a key focus of our stripping tools. The prevention of damage to conductors is paramount in preventing operational failures. Weidmüller’s “STRIPAX” for example uses stacked multiple blades that conform to the profile of the cable and ensure no conductors are damaged.

Crimping – Reliable crimping tools for wire end ferrules, insulated and uninsulated lugs and other contacts. The continuity of a circuit may be compromised by incomplete crimping. Weidmuller’s ratchet-style crimping tools prevent incomplete crimping and provide the best possible industry standard crimp termination. Ferrule crimpers such as our PZ 6 Roto ensure any ferrule from 0.14 to 6mm2 may be crimped with one die without any adjustment.

Weidmüller Cutting, Stripping and Crimping tools are your guarantee of trouble-free wire and crimp processing.