A lightning strike can discharge several hundred kilovolts of electricity and the ability to protect people from injury and safeguard against fire or electrical destruction when they occur is critical. Surge protection is a critical component of this safeguard and by investing in surge protection you create operational reliability.

APS Industrial are proud to offer the extended range of VARITECTOR surge arrestors from Weidmüller for that purpose. Ideal for use in power distribution systems, electronic equipment, as well as for measurement, control and regulating signals (analogue and digital), these quality surge arrestors reliably protect you and your operations against this potential injury and damage.

The VARITECTOR range offers increased application flexibility with further suitability with data interfaces like Ethernet Cat. 6 and protective elements your telephone systems.

The extended range of lightning protection products can be used in conjunction with all Weidmüller industrial ethernet, power supplies, analogue signal processors as well as relays and semiconductor switches – all available from APS Industrial.

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