An efficient power supply is a basic requirement for operating any plant, no matter the industry or need. Critical production processes can only be maintained if a constant power supply of the necessary quality is available for the automation system. The Siemens range of SITOP power supplies from APS Industrial has proven its value in the manufacturing environment over many years, and is always setting new standards in terms of integration, efficiency and reliability.

Thanks to their high reliability, these highly efficient power supplies are globally recognised for their high reliability and for their coping with critical network conditions.

The extensive range of switched-mode power supply units provides a controlled 24 V DC power supply and other input voltages. Siemens’ unique spectrum of DC UPS and add-on modules extends the power supply range to protect the 24 V supply against mains problems and problems on the DC side.

SITOP is also market-leading when it comes to efficiency, thanks to an efficiency rating of up to 95%, tools to make product selection and ordering quick and easy, and comprehensive support for your design processes.

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