Harmonic pollution is a growing problem with the increasing use of power electronics and non-linear loads (such as variable speed drives, UPS, computers, servers, TV sets, etc.).

The presence of harmonics increases the RMS current in power networks and the circulation of harmonic currents through the system impedance creates voltage harmonics which produce voltage distortions and thus deteriorate the quality of the supply voltage. This leads to higher operating and energy costs, production/process downtimes, overheating and malfunction of equipment.

EPCOS (a TDK Group company) offer a leading range of active harmonic filters and power optimisers which help to eliminate harmonic pollution from the grid, reduce power quality problems and use energy more efficiently and reliably.

Brought to the Australian market by APS Industrial, the EPCOS PQSine S-series of active filters and power optimisers form an ideal solution:

• Eliminate harmonics up to the 50th order
• Offer dynamic VAR compensation
• Balance the load actively to all phases
• Offer high performance
• Three-level topology
• Improve power quality and enhance system reliability
• Ensure integrated overload, overvoltage and undervoltage protection
• Ensure low life-cycle costs thanks to a modular concept and low losses