Siemens have been manufacturing air circuit breakers (ACBs) for over 50 years and their market leading 3WL range available from APS Industrial showcases the combined experience and capability of this rich history.

Noted for their compact size and high current load rating, 3WL ACBs are used as incoming feeder, coupler and outgoing feeder circuit breakers and are at the heart of many power distribution systems in industry, buildings, and infrastructure applications. Thanks to their communication capability, they bring increased transparency to energy flow and the status of the plant to guarantee a high level of plant availability.

Siemens 3WL ACBs from APS Industrial also offer a comprehensive range of modular accessories. As such, they make planning easy, even on an individual basis, and are suitable for retrofitting if necessary. Whatever size ACB you choose, the various circuit breakers within the range each have the same design and uniform accessories.

The core of any circuit breaker is the electronic trip unit and in the 3WL range this has a modular design and is available in five versions. Depending on the application involved, these provide communication and measurement functions as well as enhanced protection functions which enables them to adapt perfectly to plant requirements. The rated current module is integrated within the electronic trip unit and as they are so easy to replace, these ACBs have the flexibility to adapt at any time when plant conditions change.

Another leading feature of the range that separates it from the market is the communication module that connects the ACBs to higher level management systems via Profibus DP or Modbus RTU. If required, the module can be connected to external input and output modules which makes it easy to enhance communication for local applications.

Other features you will experience within the 3WL range of ACBs include:

– The motor operating mechanism supports automatic tension and charging of the circuit breaker and allows remote control – it can also be easily retrofitted at any time.

– Status and fault diagnostics of the plant can be performed quickly and easily via signals from the auxiliary switches, signalling switches and position switches.

– When the operational voltage is applied, the shunt release turns off and locks the ACB immediately.

– Locking devices prevent unintentional operation and provide reliable protection for personnel and plant during both operation and maintenance.

Available in fixed mounted or withdrawable versions, by choosing the Siemens 3WL range of ACBs from APS Industrial you are assured of flexibility, a complete range of consistent universal accessories and communication capability. Together these features meet the protection, safety and transparency requirements of your power distribution application to achieve the best possible protection levels.