In response to growing enquiries, we understand that some of our customers may be concerned with the potential risk of disruption to supply chain due to the Corona Virus (COVID-19).

APS Industrial are analysing continuously any possible risk which could impact our supply chain and the shipments to our customers. A number of our Supply Partners operate manufacturing plants across the globe in Europe, America and China and where possible we are sourcing our product from other locations.

Whilst the impact of the COVID-19 on global supply chain is being felt, it is also evolving on a day to day basis. As a business we are discussing Risk Mitigation plans on a daily basis.

What we know:

  1. Delay in delivery from Manufacturing Partners
    While today we had delivery in 4 weeks from all our major suppliers we could see this get extended to 8 weeks
  2. Increase in freight cost
    Most Freight companies have initiated a ‘Force Majeure’ given the uncertainty and as such freight cost are being impacted both in capacity and cost of up to 50%
  3. Increased quarantine measure on Australia Borders that could further delay shipments

What we have done and will continue to do:

  1. Increased our stock levels where possible and continue to monitor on a weekly basis
  2. Working with our teams across all states keeping in mind any impacts to business both at state and federal level
  3. Engaged our freight companies for more real time updates on delayed deliveries and where possible notification to customers
  4. Collaborating with our suppliers to ensure continuity of supply

How you can help:

  1. Plan ahead and talk to us. We recommend contacting your local Sales Representative or alternatively calling our National Customer Service Team on 1300 309 303 to discuss your project requirements or any other supply concern you may have
  2. If you would like to secure stock, then we would suggest that you do so by placing forward orders
  3. Share forecast or projected demand for projects you may be getting in the next 6 months
  4. Communicate and manage expectations with your end customers to minimise risk to your supply chain

Our priority during this time is to continue to provide a reliable and consistent level of local customer service, while complying with all government and health organisation advice, so that our customers can do the same with their businesses and operations.

For the foreseeable future, a united community approach to business is critical and at APS Industrial, we’re up for the challenge. We would like to wish all of our customers and partners a safe and healthy journey as we together navigate the challenges ahead.