Cabling is the core foundation of every network — its ability to provide high-performance and reliable transmission is essential for carrying out day-to-day business operations.

From critical data centre links that connect network switches and servers, to horizontal and backbone links that deliver voice, data and video for networking, communications, audio visual, security and building management applications, Belden has end-to-end copper cabling systems to address your current networking challenges while providing bandwidth and scalability for the needs of the future.

When it comes to Category 6 cabling solutions this is no exception and as the national distribution partner for Belden Cable in Australia, APS Industrial are proud to offer their complete range of CAT 6 performance level cabling solutions.

From Belden’s top-of-line 4800 series with exceptional signal power and signal-to-noise performance, through to their competitive 3600 series with mid-range performance and 2400 Standards Compliant Plus system cable, APS are your one-stop-shop for all of your CAT 6 cabling needs.

The complete range of Belden Category 6 cabling feature larger copper, Central X or Tape Fillers and are produced with Belden’s renowned superior quality. The availability of Bonded-Pair technology is an added option which promises peace of mind by making your installation as robust as possible.

These features combine to ensure that when you choose your Category 6 cable from Belden and APS Industrial you’ll experience improved signal strength, crosstalk and signal-to-noise performance and system uptime.