I/O Systems

I/O Systems

Does your I/O system need to be as individual as your requirements? The SIMATIC ET 200, range from Siemens offers a multifunctional, modular, and precisely scalable system for distributed automation for solutions in control cabinets, without control cabinets directly at the machine, as well as for use in hazardous areas. All products can be integrated in the automation system via PROFIBUS or PROFINET.

Fail-safe I-O

Fail-safe I/O

With the SIMATIC ET 200SP, safety-related communication is possible via PROFIsafe. These Fail-Safe modules for digital inputs and outputs correspond to the standard modules with respect to their size.

Harsh Environment Rugged IO Siemens

Harsh Environment Rugged I/O

SIMATIC ET 200pro is an especially small, extremely rugged and high-performance I/O system with IP65/66/67 degree of protection. It comprises Interface Modules to connect with PROFIBUS or PROFINET environment .

Profinet I/O

PROFINET technology from Siemens is perfectly suited for use in any type of field device. The Industrial Ethernet ASICs of the Enhanced Real-Time Ethernet Controller family are also available for high-performance applications.

Profibus IO Siemens

Profibus I/O

 PROFIBUS is the world’s leading field bus for integrated communication from cell to the plant-floor level and is used in production automation, the process industry, and in explosion-hazardous areas.

as-interface siemens

AS interface I/O

AS-Interface (AS-i) provides you with an effective and powerful bus system which connects all sensors and actuators on the lowest field level with the superior control – with unrivaled ease, safety and integration.


Compact IP65-67 I/O

With its high degree of protection IP65/67, particularly compact design, low space requirements and weight, SIMATIC ET 200AL is specially designed for distributed control electronics in tight spaces and involving motion.


Extremely Rugged I/O

Thanks to its fully-sealed zinc die-cast housing, the ET 200eco PN  from Siemens is mechanically very rugged and resistant to vibrations, dust, oil, or humidity making it suitable for Hart/Ex applications.


Intrinsically Safe I/O

 The intrinsically safe, modular I/O station is is the economical solution for areas subject to explosion hazards and is particularly flexible and requires minimum engineering, installation and cabling overhead.