The portfolio of SIRIUS relays offers all components required for motor feeder applications from a single source.  Whether you require compact timing or monitoring relays, particularly narrow coupling relays, plug-in relays, low-noise power relays or interface converters – our relay range is the most complete and comprehensive portfolio on the market.

Siemens Control Relays

Control Relays

Contactor relays are switching devices for control and auxiliary circuits and are used to control, provide signals and interlock switching devices and switchgear panels.

Siemens Timing Relays

Timing Relays

Timing relays are employed wherever simple time-controlled processes are required and APS Industrial offer the complete Siemens range.

Current & Voltage Monitoring Relays

SIRIUS 3RR and 3UG monitoring relays for electrical measurements such as the supply, voltage, current, power factor, as well as active current or fault current, and monitoring relays for measurements such as insulation, fill level and speed.

Level Relays Siemens

Level Relays

Signaling columns at machines or in automated processes are important optical devices to monitor complex sequences. They are used as visual or acoustic alarm devices when emergencies situations occur.

speed monitoring relays

Speed Relays

The Siemens range of speed monitoring relays from APS Industrial monitors the upper and lower limit of a motor via a sensor attached to the motor, which supplies one impulse per rotation.

temperature monitoring relays

Temperature Relays

In industrial applications, the temperature of solid, liquid and gaseous mediums is the mainly measured parameter. The SIRIUS temperature monitoring relays support you in protecting your plant the best possible way.

Residual Current Relay

Residual Current Relays

Residual current monitoring relays are employed for the monitoring of residual currents which may lead to insulation problems in systems due to humidity or severe contamination. Siemens monitoring relays feature an IO-Link interface for transferring digital measured values.

Safety Relay

Safety Relays

The Siemens SIRIUS 3SK clearly proves that safety applications can be implemented quickly, efficiently, and easily. This flexible family of safety relays with modular design is proudly brought to you by APS Industrial.