Whether it’s to control machines and entire production lines, monitor modern traffic systems, or control power distribution – without industrial communications such as SCALANCE from Siemens, these complex tasks would be impossible.

The Siemens range of SCALANCE network components brought to the Australian market by APS Industrial form the basis of communication networks in manufacturing and process automation.

The complete portfolio of network components consists of four product ranges:

SCALANCE X – Industrial Ethernet switches
SCALANCE M – Industrial modems and routers
SCALANCE S – Industrial Security Appliances
SCALANCE W – Access points and client modules for Industrial Wireless LAN applications.

In response to communication networks in industry being subject to particular requirements, this market-leading range has been specially designed for use in industrial applications and fulfill all requirements for ultra-efficient industrial networks and bus systems. Whether your application requires switching, routing, security applications, remote access or Industrial Wireless LAN – the Siemens range of SCALANCE network components from APS Industrial are the perfect solution.