The SINAMICS G120X is the new frequency converter from the proven SINAMICS family of Siemens drives and is optimised for infrastructure and industrial water/wastewater applications as well as pumps and fans in building automation.

With a power range extending from 0.75 kW up to 630 kW, this new series can master each and every challenge. For even greater application flexibility, the SINAMICS G120X can be operated with any motor – but most effectively with synchronous-reluctance motors from Siemens.

Simplicity from ordering to installation and performance

  • Simple selection and ordering through configurator tool
  • Out of the box and ready to switch on
  • Seamless integration into existing applications
  • Simple cloud connection

Reliability in all environments and applications

  • Integrated DC link choke ensures stability in all network conditions
  • Compliant with EMC category C2 (C1 optional)
  • Operating temperature range from -20 °C up to +60 °C
  • Compliant to IP20

Market leading efficiency

  • Deragging allows for the cleaning of deposits or clogs on the pump’s impeller
  • Pipe filling mode gently fills pipes at the beginning of the control process
  • Cavitation detection protects pumps and reduces maintenance costs
  • Energy-saving mode automatically switches the motor off and on to save energy and reduce wear

Ready for digitalisation
SINAMICS G120X converters can also be linked to Siemens MindSphere offering users the opportunity to analyse valuable operating data gathered from the converter, the drive train and the machine. This enables the visualisation and analysis of status information, providing users with valuable data which can be used as the basis for optimising processes and maintenance strategies.