With close to 80 years of experience in designing and manufacturing, KATKO are market leaders in the field of industrial switching. As KATKO’s national distribution partner in Australia, APS Industrial are proud to bring this complete range of switching solutions to the local market.

The renewable energy space is no exception and KATKO, continuously work on new solutions to serve today’s fastest growing area of energy production. Based in Finland, their Nordic operational and manufacturing environment is the perfect setting for product development both because of the region’s high-standard of research facilities and also because of its harsh and intensely varied climate.

These factors have contributed to the development of the market leading range of KATKO Photovoltaic (PV) DC Isolating Switches which are ideally suited to break direct current so that solar panels or an inverter can be safely isolated for maintenance.

Compliant to the latest Australian Standards and Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC), these quality PV switches can be installed for individual panels or a string of panels and the complete range is now tested according to IEC 60947-3 for utilisation category DC-PV2, along with previously tested DC21B.

Available in Polycarbonate and Aluminium enclosures, the KATKO PV range IP 66 rated, padlockable and has excellent insulating properties.

Made of self-extinguishing material the isolating switches have been developed to be durable under difficult climatic conditions and require no extra protective coating. Ranging up to 32A 1200V DC, DC21B – the complete range has been built in order to ensure safety, reliability and performance.

In addition, the switches boast excellent UV and chemical resistance and a wide operating temperature range making them the perfect solution for solar applications.