On machines or in automated processes, signal towers are important visual aids for controlling complex processes. Now, so much more than just an on/off light, APS Industrial are proud to bring to market a new range of Siemens SIRIUS signaling columns that revolutionise human-machine communication.

Thanks to their professional signaling technology, the SIRIUS signaling columns ensure optimal visibility of plant operations and in turn, increase its availability. The new-to-market units reliably signal different states and offer a variety of signaling levels and functions for never-before-seen flexibility.

They can be flexibly designed with continuous, flashing, strobe and all-round light as well as acoustic elements. Whether in modular or compact design – they are easy to install and extremely resistant to shock and vibration.

The wide range of signaling variants include:

– The individual mode allows to activate each of the segments separately

– Multicolour LEDs allow to set more than 1 M colours

– Different light effects: Continuous, Blinking (3/2/1 Hz), Flashing (1x/2x/3x), Rotating light (70 RPM)

The integrated acoustic element with volume control also makes it possible to use the system in zones where visibility is limited and the columns can be easily configured by IO-Link or via a USB interface.

Setting the standard in signaling, the SIRIUS signal columns are ideal for all matter of industrial applications that include buildings, on machines, assembly stations, charging points, ramps, shipping and packaging stations, conveyor belts and much more.

SIRIUS command, signaling and detecting devices are the first choice when it comes to control, command and monitoring.