The Siemens range of SIMATIC HMI PRO Panels from APS is the pinnacle of display units. Sized from 12 to 24 inches, the range is designed to be user configurable and versatile. The portfolio includes a broad range of devices containing everything from basic visualisation to PC-based control tasks to decentralised HMI solutions with a client-server architecture.

With an IP65 rating, the HMI PRO Panels are designed to survive the elements. They are perfectly suited to the food and beverage environments and can be positioned where they can be easily seen and operated.

The Extension Unit gives you the ability to expand your HMI PRO device to include many additional functions. Furthermore, APS has a portfolio from many world-leading brands that come together to bring you the perfect solution for your application. With RFID readers, key-operated switches, luminous indicators, luminous push buttons, selectors, and emergency stop buttons, you can adapt the device to your plant’s specific requirements and make it more convenient to operate.

Another solution that APS provides is the mounting and suspension systems from Rittal. Whether you want to mount the HMI Panel PRO from the top of the machine, or from the floor, there is a suitable suspension system available from Rittal.