Experience a multidisciplinary approach to machine design

Siemens NX MCD

Siemens NX-MCD (Mechatronics Concept Designer) is your gateway to virtual commissioning and machine simulation. Elevate your production processes with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline every stage of manufacturing, from planning and design to virtual commissioning. Virtual commissioning typically refers to the process of simulation and validating the functionality of a machine or system in a virtual environment with real-life physics before physical implementation. This opens up a new world of possibilities where you can simulate and operate a machine with all safety, sensors, actuators, motors robots, etc with the program in real-time.

Virtual Commissioning

Virtual Commissioning

Siemens NX-MCD’s Virtual Commissioning feature empowers you to expedite project timelines with unparalleled efficiency and precision. Utilize the digital twin 3D model for exhaustive testing and enhancement of machine functionalities without costly physical prototypes. Streamline processes, innovate confidently, and stay ahead in industrial automation with this cutting-edge solution.



Immerse yourself in the future of simulation with Siemens NX-MCD’s GoVR integration, a revolutionary advancement in industrial automation technology. Step into your designs and interact with them in stunning virtual reality. Experience unparalleled insights, optimise designs on the fly, and revolutionize your approach to industrial automation with this groundbreaking feature.

Physics-Based Simulation

Physics-Based Simulation

Siemens NX-MCD’s advanced Physics-Based Simulation delivers unparalleled accuracy and reliability in design evaluations, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in every project. Harness the power of real-world physics to anticipate and address potential issues before they arise. Stay ahead of the curve and drive innovation in industrial automation with this indispensable tool.

Elevating Design Across Industries

Siemens NX-MCD caters to a diverse range of professionals across industries. Mechanical Designers leverage powerful tools to swiftly modify and refine designs, ensuring agility in the development process. Electrical Designers utilise model data to select components like sensors, actuators, and wiring, optimizing system functionality. Automation Engineers rely on simulations to verify the seamless integration of electrical and mechanical designs, as well as programming. Industries spanning manufacturing, automotive, food and beverage, logistics, oil & gas, mining, and construction benefit from NX-MCD’s comprehensive suite of features, driving innovation and efficiency across the board.



Logistics & Warehouse

Food & Beverage

System engineering

  • Define mechatronic modularisation
  • Improve the configurability
  • Trace and manage requirements
  • Expand re-use of existing designs
  • Organise and manage complexity

Concept Design

  • Define operating sequences
  • Evaluate timing
  • Bring motion into CAD
  • Generate a list of sensors and actuators
  • Logically link events with signals
  • Identify and specify critical details

Detailed Design

  • Replace conceptual geometry by detailed design
  • Install motors based on electrical part
  • Compare changes in MCAD and ECAD and update them
  • Export to commissioning tools

Integrated Detailed Design

  • Identify devices and assemblies in ECAD and MCAD
  • Cross-reference sensors and actuators with electrical devices and assemblies
  • Exchange functional structures beyond the boundaries of ECAD and MCAD

Virtual Commissioning

  • Simulate the real machine behavior, including programmable logic controller (PLC) with PLCsim adv and SIMIT.
  • Full control of actuators(Pneumatic and Hydraulic cylinders), sensors, Light curtains, Robotics, Safety controls, Motion control etc
  • Re-use your digital twin for virtual commissioning
  • Validate and interact with your products during simulation and parameters.
  • Take your simulation in VR or even Nvidia Omniverse, making your design become real.
  • Test designs, programs etc without the need to manufacture them first.

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