When it comes to quality relays and solid-state relays for a range of application requires, Weidmüller from APS Industrial have you covered.

A long service life is a key factor in a wide range of industrial applications and the Weidmüller D-SERIES relay modules deliver impressively long-lasting high performance. In addition, the formation of light arcs is effectively avoided with D-SERIES products thanks to contact series connection, built-in blow magnets and low-wear contacts for a noticeably longer service life.

– Convenient servicing
– Contacts for every application
– Long service life
– Extensive accessories
– Useable on any control voltage

With the wide variety of TERMSERIES variants, you have unlimited cross-connection possibilities thanks to the multi-voltage input and the screw and tension clamp connection in particular.Depending on the application, you can choose the product with the fixed-voltage inputs or with the multi-voltage input, which is currently a unique feature in this thin 6 mm terminal block format.

– Well-designed handling of cross-connections
– Clear marking
– Unique multi-voltage input
– Custom-ft cross-connection

There’s never been a better opportunity to experience the quality of the Weidmüller DRI and TERMSERIES relays with a red-hot special available in the current issue of APS Pocket Picks – download below!